Fire Protection Associations FPA and the Law

Dear Magaliesburger’s It seems many landowners are unaware of the laws regarding fires and the establishment of fire protection associations / FPA’s. Herewith below is the law from the National Veld and Forest Fire Act. NATIONAL VELD AND FOREST FIRE ACT CHAPTER 2 FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATIONS Chapter 2 regulates the establishment, registration, duties and functioning of fire protection associations. These associations must deal with all aspects of veldfire prevention and fire fighting. The appointment and …

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Fire Protection Association (FPA) of Magaliesburg

Dear Magaliesbuger’s, we are well into veld fire season now with several fire’s already having broken out around Magaliesburg, Koesterfontein and Golden Valley over the past week. The Fire Protection Association (FPA) will be holding their next meeting on Tuesday 12th June 2012 at the Salvation Army in Rietpoort at 7 PM. Please attend the meeting to learn more about the Fire Protection Association and how to join. Important info on what to do and …

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