Magaliesburg Town Painting Project

Our little town is brightening up, once painting of the roof tops begins it will be hard not to notice the change.

The painting of the shop fronts in Magaliesburg town is progressing wonderfully. Michele Christian and Constance Belfi have excelled in just 9 days since they set out to brighten up our little historical town. Sponsors have also excelled in coming forward and purchasing paint and supplying labor and financial assistance for laborers.

Michele and Connie have also not left a single side wall out of the equation paying great attention to making sure when you drive into Magaliesburg in a few days time you will see a town that is all spic and span. Michele and Connie hope to have the majority of the town completed this week and anyone who is able to offer this initiative any financial assistance and have their name added to the list of sponsors below should please contact Michele on 082-827-1023.

The top corner as you enter Magaliesburg is receiving a facelift, we cannot wait to see the finished product.

If you have already donated to this effort, no matter how small, and your name has escaped the list below please let Michele know or email us directly on and we will make sure to include you on the next update.

Massive congratulations to Michele, Connie, their team and all the sponsors and local businesses and tourism operators of Magaliesburg who have jumped in to help.

The list of sponsors thus far


Askari Game Lodge & Spa

La Veneziana Ice Cream

Western Cane Trading / Jameson Cottages

– Magalies Vulstasie

Spar Magaliesburg

BP Magaliesburg

De Hoek Country House

Hekpoort Heksie

– Rory Eidelman

– Ntau Wholesalers

Magaliesburg Country Hotel for painting their own street facing walls.

Mount Grace Country Hotel and Spa

Whispering Pines Country Estate

Valley Lodge and Spa

– Big Time Liquors – Tel: (014) 577 1400

– Magaliesburg Auto Breakdown and Repairs / Ollie’s Workshop – Tel: (014) 577-1326 / 084-308-2272

Cedar Paint

– Farm Feed – Magaliesburg – Tel: (014) 577-4028

Supa Quick Magaliesburg


  1. I agree on the West Rand Municpality comment, what is it exactly they do for tourism in the area?
    Prehaps funds are not going where they should be?

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  3. I second that Nici, Mogale and West Rand District Municipality seem to have Millions to spend on entrances to Sterkfontein Caves and Kloofzicht Lodge but cannot seem to even organize the simplest cleanup operations in this the most historical town in their jurisdiction. These tourism officers in the bright orange jackets sit around all day doing diddly squat and walk through the town throwing their orange and naartjie peels on the ground, they should make them pick up litter as part of their “jobs”.

    • I completely agree with you. Tons of money spent of people monthly. And they sit around and social walking through Magaliesburg. On their cell phones all day. It drove me insane to watch!!! When the Council could be spending good money needed on dustbins and a really good scrub and clean every morning. Road sides painted. Sign posts falling over….. etc etc etc… Peter Hewitt did call in the Parks board. It will be interesting to see if they do come through for Magaliesburg. Very very interesting?
      Got to say! A HUGE BIG “THANK YOU” to all of the venues around Magaliesburg. For bravely standing by Connie and I. While we went about with our gardeners and staff painting town clean. Wow! it has been such great fun. And so good to see the local shop owners step in and pull great weight. So much love given out to our little town.

  4. Well done …..looks stunning!! Now what about the polluted river, lets get the locals to help pick up litter

    • I have seen the river and have to agree with you Nici. But the community can only do so much.Our stand on painting the town was,” A Lead by example”. Our Council has to do their paid jobs. They must no longer ignore us. A simple cleaning pick up truck along the main street every morning. Would be able to pick up rubbish left by the locals living in the town. This is where the main bulk of rubbish is coming from. But again… lets see?

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