Min. Edna Molewa – Creation of 300 000 Green Jobs

Minister Edna Molewa (Water and Environmental Affairs) says “government is looking for partnerships to create 300 000 new jobs in the green economy”

Source: http://www.news24.com/SciTech/News/Govt-to-create-300-000-green-jobs-Molewa-20120605

Bloemfontein – The government is looking for partnerships to create

300 000 new jobs in the green economy


Water and Environmental Affairs Minister

Edna Molewa

said on Tuesday.


environment sector green economy

implementation plan has this year received a boost of R800m for the

Green Fund

over the next two financial years,” Molewa said at

World Environment Day


The department would use the funding to attract new and additional investments, to stimulate job creation and to lay the foundations for South Africa’s transition to a low carbon, job-creating and resource-efficient growth path.

Molewa said South Africa was also extending its partnerships to international funding institutions such as the

World Bank Clean Technology Fund

and the newly established

Green Climate Fund


The country had entered into the

Green Economy Accord

, which had been called one of the most comprehensive social pacts on green jobs in the world.

Molewa said the implementation of the projects would offer the country the opportunity to close the scarce skills gap in this sector.

“We have observed that it was insufficient and needed to be supplemented by formal training at higher learning institutions.”

Molewa said the department would soon launch the first phase of countrywide green hubs, with various satellite and regional operations.

The project would be launched in Mangaung where more job opportunities would be created as part of the department’s waste management strategy, which focused also on job creation.

“Waste is wealth and we aim to prove that in line with our efforts to reduce, re-use and recycle waste, we could create job opportunities for all our young people,” said Molewa.


Source: http://www.news24.com/SciTech/News/Govt-to-create-300-000-green-jobs-Molewa-20120605

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