Auditor General Report on rehabilitation of abandoned mines at the Department of Minerals and Energy

Abandoned Mines in South AfricaHi everyone

Another document uncovered by one of our landowners that is a worthwhile read for you all. According to this document:

There are 5 906 officially listed abandoned mines in South Africa as of the end of May 2008. The majority of the 5 906 mines closed down prior to 2002 when the MPRD Act came into effect. It furthermore states that only 5 of the 5 906 abandoned mines have been rehabilitated thus far at a cost of R42 Million Rand.

The document also mentions “measures were not in place to ensure that abandoned mines were rehabilitated effectively and timeously. This resulted in the environmental and social
impacts of these mines not being addressed, a lack of accountability, delays with the progress of planned projects, and inefficient service delivery. The following factors have impacted negatively on the DME and other role players in executing their roles in rehabilitating abandoned mines in South Africa.” … “The DME did not have an integrated information system to record and report on the status of mines.” and “The DME did not have policies and procedures on budgeting for rehabilitation projects.”

The public of South Africa should no longer accept this or the dire Acid Mine Drainage threat that has been allowed to continue to it’s current state. Mining companies should be forced by the DME to clean up the 5 906 abandoned mines first before they issue more licenses to create even more such problems.

The full auditor general report can be downloaded here: (1.3 Mb PDF)

Auditor-General report on rehabilitaton of abandoned mines at the DME

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