Cussonia paniculata (Cabbage Tree)

Cussonia paniculata is a short, thick-set tree, rarely exceeding 5 m in height. It is sparsely branched with grey, longitudinal fissured, thick and corky bark. The evergreen Highveld Cabbage tree makes for a beautiful focal point in a garden as it has an unusual shape, interesting gnarled bark and stunning, large, grey-green leaves. This tree is considered a pachycaul succulent on the basis of its swollen stem base or tuber which forms early in plants …

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Protea caffra (Sugarbush / Suikerbos)

Common Sugar Bush (English); Gewone Suikerbos (Afrikaans); isiQalaba (Zulu, Xhosa) Family: PROTEACEAE These photo’s are of Protea caffra (Sugarbush / Suikerbos) growing on the protected highveld grassland ridges of Magaliesburg or Themeda triandra open woodland. This very prolific bank of Protea’s sit directly inside the areas where multiple prospecting applications have been lodged in the last year. This Protea species which has proven incredibly difficult to germinate in a nursery or garden environment has no …

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Cotyledon orbiculata (pig’s ear / plakkie)

Cotyledon orbiculata, (Common names: pig’s ear (Eng.); plakkie, platjies, varkoorblare, varkoor, kouterie (Afr.)), one of the beautiful succulents that grows in the Magaliesburg area. This is a well-known medicinal plant. The fleshy part of the leaf is applied by many South Africans to soften and remove hard corns and warts. The Southern Sotho use a dried leaf as a protective charm for an orphan child and as a plaything. In the Willowmore District, the heated …

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Koesterfontein, Magaliesburg

Koesterfontein is found within the Crocodile primary catchment area bordering on the town of Magaliesburg in Gauteng, South Africa. The land use is predominently eco-tourism and agriculture and is zoned this way by Mogale City Local Municipality. Magaliesburg was declared a protected environment in 1977. The vegetation of the area is described as Bankenveld (Acocks), Rocky Highveld Grassland Ridges (Low & Rebelo) and Moot Plains Bushveld in the North and Gauteng Shale Mountain Bushveld in …

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