Fire Protection Association (FPA) of Magaliesburg

Dear Magaliesbuger’s, we are well into veld fire season now with several fire’s already having broken out around Magaliesburg, Koesterfontein and Golden Valley over the past week. The Fire Protection Association (FPA) will be holding their next meeting on Tuesday 12th June 2012 at the Salvation Army in Rietpoort at 7 PM. Please attend the meeting to learn more about the Fire Protection Association and how to join. Important info on what to do and …

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Koesterfontein, Magaliesburg

Koesterfontein is found within the Crocodile primary catchment area bordering on the town of Magaliesburg in Gauteng, South Africa. The land use is predominently eco-tourism and agriculture and is zoned this way by Mogale City Local Municipality. Magaliesburg was declared a protected environment in 1977. The vegetation of the area is described as Bankenveld (Acocks), Rocky Highveld Grassland Ridges (Low & Rebelo) and Moot Plains Bushveld in the North and Gauteng Shale Mountain Bushveld in …

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Birds of the Magaliesburg – Species List

Herewith a Bird Species List from Koesterfontein, Golden Valley area’s in Magaliesburg, Gauteng, South Africa Magaliesburg is reported to have over 300 species of Birds and is an area rich in Biodiversity. Birds of the Magaliesburg – Species List Bird Name Roberts / Newmans Number Whitebreasted Cormorant 55 Reed Cormorant 58 African Darter 60 Grey Heron 62 Black-headed Heron 63 Great Egret 66 Little Egret 67 Cattle Egret 71 Hamerkop 81 African Sacred Ibis 91 …

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