Magalies River – A Sensitive Catchment

Submitted by the FSE In terms of CLASSIFICATION OF SIGNIFICANT WATER RESOURCES IN THE MOKOLO AND MATLABAS CATCHMENTS: LIMPOPO WATER MANAGEMENT AREA (WMA) AND CROCODILE (WEST) AND MARICO WMA: WP 10506 INTEGRATED UNITS OF ANALYSIS (IUA) DELINEATION REPORT DRAFT REPORT NO.: RDM/WMA1,3/00/CON/CLA/0212 Directorate: Water Resource Classification JUNE 2012 The Magalies River is identified as follows: “The present state of the Magalies River is in a B category, especially with Maloney’s Eye situated in the upper …

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Petition for the Magaliesburg Biosphere Project

This is a petition which promotes the development of a biosphere in the Magaliesburg District. It is aimed at creating real employment for local people in the hospitality and tourism industry. This development is expected to be driven by local companies and disadvantaged communities many of which are foreign that seem to exploit the area without proof of real sustainability for local people. We need your support urgently as we have to meet a deadline. …

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The Blauuwbank Historic Gold Mine – Past to Present

Magaliesburg Magaliesberg Africa Day #AfricaDay

When you arrive in the historical town of Magaliesburg you would never even hazard a guess that there is an old gold mine here. It’s not just any old gold mine, The Blauuwbank Historic Gold Mine was the first ever gold mine established on the Witwatersrand and quite literally where South Africa’s Gold Rush started. There’s good reason though that you would drive right past it. The gold mining on Blauuwbank was done underground, like …

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Koesterfontein, Magaliesburg

Koesterfontein is found within the Crocodile primary catchment area bordering on the town of Magaliesburg in Gauteng, South Africa. The land use is predominently eco-tourism and agriculture and is zoned this way by Mogale City Local Municipality. Magaliesburg was declared a protected environment in 1977. The vegetation of the area is described as Bankenveld (Acocks), Rocky Highveld Grassland Ridges (Low & Rebelo) and Moot Plains Bushveld in the North and Gauteng Shale Mountain Bushveld in …

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