Prof Phillip Tobias – Paleoscientist for Cradle of Humankind Passes Away

  Professor emeritus was best known for his work with hominid fossils and was considered an international authority on human evolution. During his life palaeo-anthropologist Phillip Tobias changed humans’ understanding of our ancient ancestry. One of his most famous palaeo-anthropological finds was “Little Foot” -four 4.17-million year-old foot bones unearthed at Sterkfontein by Dr Ron Clarke. Later more of the skeleton was unearthed making Little Foot our oldest, most complete skeleton of a direct ancestor, …

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World Environment Day – Say YES to a Magaliesburg Biosphere

With today being World Environment Day it is an important day to step up efforts to establish a biosphere for the Magaliesburg District   SIGN THE PETITION – CLICK HERE NOW Magaliesburg, an eco-sensitive and highly biodiverse area situated in the UNESCO Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site (COHWHS), is being threatened by a volley of mining applications now totalling 4. This area has been a protected environment since 1977 and must remain that way …

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The Blauuwbank Historic Gold Mine – Past to Present

Magaliesburg Magaliesberg Africa Day #AfricaDay

When you arrive in the historical town of Magaliesburg you would never even hazard a guess that there is an old gold mine here. It’s not just any old gold mine, The Blauuwbank Historic Gold Mine was the first ever gold mine established on the Witwatersrand and quite literally where South Africa’s Gold Rush started. There’s good reason though that you would drive right past it. The gold mining on Blauuwbank was done underground, like …

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