Feature: Faerie-Nuff at the Old Trading Post

The wonderful selection of dreamcatchers, incenses, faeries and so much more at Faerie-Nuff at the old Trading Post in Magaliesburg.

This is the first in our features of places to visit and things to do in Magaliesburg.

Lauren Robers run’s the Faerie-Nuff outlet at the Old Trading Post (1902) which carries one of the biggest ranges of Sterling Silver Jewelery, Clothing, Incense’s, Faerie’s and Dragon ornaments. Her collection is quite outstanding and is by far better than anything you will find anywhere in the city.

Lauren’s range has grown so big she has had to take over additional space to cater for her overflow of items and we can guarantee that you will easily spend an hour or three browsing through her Faerie wonderland of items. Might I also add that the prices of her merchandise are worth the trip alone, even at today’s petrol prices.

Once you’re done shopping at Faerie-Nuff you can enjoy a great coffee next door at The Trading Post Coffee Shop and Deli who will be our next feature.

There is just so much to see at Faerie Nuff better plan on at least 2 hours to look through everythingSo why not hop in the car with the family this weekend and visit Magaliesburg for the day or even for the weekend. We have so many lodges, B&B’s and hotels where you can spend a cold winter weekend huddled with your family next to a cosy log fire. Magaliesburg weekends are guaranteed to be some of the most memorable your family will ever have.

Lauren contacted us a few weeks ago asking how to be exposed on this Magaliesburg web site and we decided that the first few expose’s would be free. Further expose’s will however carry a charge as it does involve time and money getting these things up on the web and coming out to take photos but being true to promoting Magaliesburg we’ll make sure this will be a nominal fee affordable to all. Contact admin@magaliesburg.org.za for more info.

The Winter operating hours for Faerie-Nuff are:

Open – Monday, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun (9:00am – 5:00 pm)

Closed – Tues/Wed (Unless it’s a Public holiday)

You can contact Lauren Robers from Faerie Nuff on

083-413-0133 or laurenr@wol.co.za

All Photos Copyright: Mitchell Krog

Outstanding range of incenses to be found at Faerie-Nuff

There be Faeries here at Faerie-Nuff … lots and lots of Faeries.

Beautiful range of clothing at Faerie-Nuff


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  2. I have been to Magaliesberg and have visited the Trading Post what an amazing shop each time you look around you discover more and more exciting treasures.

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